Sunday, September 18, 2005

Punk at The Strand I, Jan. 1997

Four Hour Fogger

I'm not a punk kind of guy. I've never even been that much of a concert-goer, as much as I love music otherwise. But, one day I decided I would try my hand at some concert photography with my IS-3, and headed over to The Strand, an old theatre on the square in Marietta, GA. At the time it was a club called The Hangar or some such, and there was a multi-act punk show on the bill for that evening. The proprietor, an Arab in a black leather jacket, very kindly agreed to let me in for free, if I'd bring him and the sound & light crew copies of the photos. I did so, several days later.

This band was Four Hour Fogger. I don't know who they are individually, although I've found that some of them went on to form a band called Mastodon, which is supposed to be a hot metal band nowadays. If you know these folks, feel free to direct them here and email me for more pix of this gig. If they're still interested, that is.

BTW, the Visioneer flatbed scanner I'm using with these negatives seems to be rendering them quite dark. So I've goosed the brightness and in some cases the saturation & gamma. Otherwise no special filters or effects have been employed, which is part of why they don't look much like typical rock photography.

UPDATE 09/21/05
I noticed that the picture of the bassist was incorrectly centered when I scanned it. This is now the correct pic. So, if you surf in from google's cached version and notice (and care about) the difference, that's why.

Mastodon fans can find the other two batches of Four Hour Fogger photos here and here .


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