Saturday, August 27, 2005

Freaknik, Atlanta, mid-1990s

During the peak years of Freaknik, I went down to Atlanta and snapped pictures of the thronging black spring-breakers. One or two objected to me being there, several more asked me to take their pictures, but most ignored me, though all would pose if I asked them to. I always went on the first day, during the day, while everyone's spirits were high and no one was yet drunk.

Street Magicians
Street beat I missed a great shot of the guy on the right tossing his drumstick. In this pic he's just caught it.
On patrol for, ...guess what?

I have a lot of Freaknik pictures and will post more later. I hope to be able to find an easy way to sort them, short of moving off Blogger to Wordpress or some such.


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