Wednesday, August 24, 2005

What is an Olympus IS-3?

This Darth Vader-ish looking camera has been in my possession since the early '90s. I caught the photography bug after a camping trip, on which I had taken along a disposable Kodak. None of the pictures came out worth a flip, so I started investigating getting some serious glass. After combing through a few months worth of photo magazines, I became intrigued by this one. I couldn't afford a quality camera body with a lot of different lenses. But the IS-3 had a full-featured back, plus a superior lens. The lens was not removable, but could zoom from 35-180, with attachments it could go from 28-300. And unlike a point & shoot, you could set the shutter speed, aperature size, double exposures, continuous shooting, remote shooting, and more! That was more than enough versatility for an amateur like me.

I soon discovered that I had a natural eye for composition. I was no expert, and I didn't have the money or time to sink into my hobby to become one, but I quickly became a better snapshooter than anyone I knew. I drew praise from everyone when I showed my pictures around, which was gratifying. I had the camera refurbished at least three times over the past 12 years, and I still have it and use it regularly, recording my family's milestones, among other things. I watch with interest the advancing digital age, but until they come out with a digital camera that can top the quality and versatility of my IS-3, I'm keeping it ready to hand.

So, in this blog I intend to go back through my collection, scan negatives, and post many of my better images. (I hope to be able to sort them by category, whenever Blogger emails me info on how to do that.) (I'll also post some vintage family photos, obviously not taken with the IS-3, because I don't want to start another blog just for that.) I hope you enjoy some of them!


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