Saturday, October 15, 2005

Freaknik, Atlanta 1997

Drive-by smile
Pretty much all the kids loved to have their picture taken.

"I wasn't following you ladies, honest! This? Oh, just a camera... Why sure, just hold still..." These were locals, out making the scene.

Oh, and btw: if you came here from an msn or yahoo search looking for some skin, this is all you'll get here. This isn't that kind of website.

NYC Rappers These were rappers from Noo Yoik. They gave me an 800 number for their record label, to get an address to send them copies of their pix. But whoever it was listening to my messages never returned my call. "A white photographer wants my address to send photos to some rappers? Suu-uu-uure..."

Video to go
The constant theme: kids driving around videotaping each other.


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